What do YOU call it? That stuff you cram under the bed or hide in the freezer so it will go undetected to the roaming eye?  Do you have a stash?  Or do you have a SABLE??? 

The March meeting will begin our Stitch Every Month program to alleviate you of your excess yarn baggage and elevate your knitting to a premiere level. Yeah, really!  

We’ll begin watching nimble fingers perform a new knit stitch and follow up with some examples that use this new stitch. If time allows we’ll present a new crochet stitch and more project examples. You may find a project to donate to one of our charities such as hats for NAMI, chemo caps or Hats for Sailors. Fingerless gloves are always a welcome donation, too. We’ve done all the work for you! All you need to do is join in.

Bring some yarn, a knitting needle and  a crochet hook that suits the gauge of your yarn. Cast on 23 stitches, a multiple of 4 +3 for the knit swatch and chain 23 for the crochet swatch. Make it a little wider for a sampler/working piece or smaller to make it a quickie swatch.

Oh, and if you want to eat cookies and fudge and just watch, that’s OK, too.

More pictures, PLEASE! Email pictures of your projects for our Group Share to Dorothy Mayeda.

March meetings:

Night meeting: Tues. March 8, 6:30 PM

Meeting ID #810 7427 2563       Passcode: eve 


Day meeting: Thurs. March 17, 10:00 AM 

Meeting ID 869 0045 9581      Passcode: day