An in-person class with Heather Arnold teaching 2 Color Brioche. Think beautiful, fluffy, double-sided scarf, warm and squishy hats and mitts.

Heather’s recommended supplies for the 2 Color Brioche class:

  1. DK weigh yarn and US 4 circular needles, 16″ is best.
  2. Two colors of yarn in hight contrast.
  3. Hanging stitch markers.
  4. Fix-it-stick is helpful but not required. If you don’t have one, Yarn Shop Santa Cruz does. They are an inexpensive, very useful tool.

What’s to love about Brioche? It’s a fun challange.

Brioche follows its own rules. Not only does it have its own set of stitches, but it even has unique charts. Knitting brioche rows is also different from typical knitting. Instead of working a row and moving on to the next, each row is worked twice. So instead of working Row 1, Row 2, then Row 3, each row is broken out into Row 1a, Row 1b, etc., making a project all the more exciting to create.

Note: Craftsy has a good article on Brioche.

Stitch Every Month

We will be knitting a brioche stitch swatch using the supplies Heather has recommended. So grab your needles and maybe a new accessory, a Fix-it-stick. This is also great for laddering up dropped stitches in Garter Stitch.

Note: Fix-it-sticks (A set of 3 Fix-it-Sticks, crochet hooks at each end) were given to everyone at the 2021 Fall Retreat.