A revered woman exists in our knitting world. She no longer knits or breathes but she still has a great influence on knitting. If you haven’t heard of her, she is Elizabeth Zimmerman. She changed the way everyday knitters look at themselves and how the knitting industry looked at knitting. She fought a hard battle to achieve her goal but her success is still felt today. Special women like this are few and far between, and she was an innovator in the knitting world. What was this woman’s influence? We’ll give you an insight at the next Guild meetings and show you some of her enduring patterns, and a few samples of her work knit by fellow Guild members. If you have knit an EZ pattern, we urge you to bring it to one of the meetings to share.

The KAL for 2023 will be introduced. You’ll have a broad selection of items from which to choose.

We’ve been missing sharing with all that has been going on in the meetings. But it will be spotlighted this month so bring all your glorious knits to share.