You’re in for a TREAT, in more ways than one…….
A yarn swap of FREE yarn!
An intriguing book, knitting or not, also FREE.
A TREAT for your tummy!

Please peruse the yarn/book table before the meeting starts but don’t claim your prize yet. We’ll be sending up groups to make a yarn and book selection. Once everyone has had a first turn, the table will be opened up to all.

Your contributions of yarn and books of any nature are greatly welcomed. Bring your yarn contributions packaged together if more than one skein of a particular weight.

Now’s the time to ask your knitting neighbor questions you may have about your knitting project while others are picking yarn and books. Be sure to bring lots to keep your hands and mind busy.

Don’t leave those well-worked projects at home! Share them with your fellow knitters.

The Knit-a-Long for 2023 will celebrate Elizabeth Zimmerman. She has many projects on Ravelry and Schoolhouse Knits to tempt you. Choose one and join in.

March Elizabeth Zimmerman
April Technique Faire Be thinking of a technique that you could demonstrate or one that you would like to learn
April/May Tentative Workshop TBA