Two days of your favorite knitters, bringing you the Best of the BEST. I’m sure you’ve heard of all these fine experts, actually household names in the knitting community. Our knitting community, that is. These fearless, spunky knitters will demonstrate techniques that many of you requested, plus a few more.


Tuesday night, April 11 6:30 pm
• Toe up socks Bruce Fihe
• I-Cord cast on and bind off Dorothy Mayeda
• German Short Rows Kris Nardello
• Magic Loop Maggie Morales
• Intarsia Sarah Lindsey
• Sewn Bind-off (bring garter swatch and needles) Stella Sexmith

Thursday morning, April 20 10:00 am
Sewing Seams Kathy Haber
• Magic Sock Pattern Betty Gaddam
• Toe Up Socks Bruce Fihe
• Thrumming (inserted tufts) Carin Chapin (Bring a swatch with 15 stitches. It should have a couple rows on bottom and sides in garter stitch plus three rows of stockinette. The roving for the thrums will be provided; The project is a very cute headband.
• Magic Loop Maggie Morales
• Sewn Bind-off (bring garter swatch and needles ) Stella Sexmith

Don’t miss it! Come to both meetings and give all the techniques a try. Maybe you’ve done one before, but perhaps this way is different or easier. Please bring some supplies: knitting needles, yarn, markers, etc. See above for specific project recommendations.