June Gloom? No, not on our watch!! You’ll be bursting with ideas to keep your knitting fun and make your days bright even when the sun doesn’t shine.

I Want to Know What You Know all the little knitty tricks and hacks that get you through rough spots and awkward movements. We ask you to dig deep to find your secret and hidden hacks that have made you a better knitter. You are a better knitter, you know! Everyone has them, simple or complex. We want to see them all and learn from you. We’ll provide time for members to tell their sanity-saving solutions to mistakes that we all make and also better ways of accomplishing a stitch. If you don’t want to share your tips in person, send them to Dorothy, deom123@aol.com.

Have you unvented something? “To say you ‘unvented’ something is to say you figured it out, but are too humble to claim you ‘invented’ or ‘discovered’ it. ‘Unvent’ is an acknowledgement that perhaps some other person, in similar circumstances, came up with the same solution before you did.” The term unvent was introduced to the knitting world by Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitter extraordinaire.

Stitch Every Month-Use needles and yarn of your choice and cast on 20 stitches and knit 3 rows of garter. Be prepared to whip up a pretty and versatile stitch to add to your repertoire.
Plan to attend our July meetings and learn about knitted Norwegian sweaters from our speaker, Bruce Fihe. We’ve seen a sweater of his and it is oh so spectacular.

Don’t forget to bring your WIP and finished projects to share.