“Hallo” is hello in Norwegian so please say hallo to our guest speaker and new member, Bruce Fihe, who will enlighten us with his extensive knowledge of Norwegian knitting. He has taught numerous Norwegian crafts and skills at the Sons of Norway Language and Culture camps. In addition to knitting, Bruce is skilled in nålbinding, hardanger embroidery, and other
textile crafts. Come to one of the Guild’s July meetings and enjoy this skill-building presentation.

Bring your projects to show and share and any completed hats or other items to donate to charity.

You will kos deg with this great looking, deceptive stitch. It’s deceptive because it’s so easy and looks so vanskelig. It is a multiple of 4 plus 2. Cast on 22 stitches and knit 3 rows in garter. Row 1 (ws) k2, P2, K2, Repeat to end of row. We will finish the pattern in class. A light color yarn that is relatively smooth will really show the stitch, but it is suitable for any yarn.

How’s your knitting going? Did you try any of the hacks from June’s program? If something made your knitting easier or made more sense to you, share your experience at the guild meeting.


Day and night meetings from July through November will be at St. Stephens Lutheran Church, 2500 Soquel Avenue.